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The Doldrums

Spanning the time between opportunities to dress

This is a fairly common occurrence for me. I will have long stretches of 2-3 months or more where I don’t get the opportunity to dress. I try to make sure that I don’t often take time away from my family in order to do Heidi stuff and I wait until I get a day when everybody else is gone for the day and I don’t have to work. About twice a year my wife will take the kids for a weekend and visit her parents. Those times I usually get a lot of Heidi time in.

But waiting for the opportunities to present themselves means there might not be any for long stretches. While I do feel the desire to dress building during those stretches, it is much easier to endure by doing things like this blog or posting flickr pictures. In fact, the reason I don’t post batches of photos after a dressing experience but rather post a picture every day or two is specifically to enable me to continue participating in my hobby in that way until the next chance I get to dress.

Another way I enjoy spending the doldrums is shopping . My wife and I like to browse second hand stores and during these doldrums I frequently accumulate lots of new things. Then when the day to dress comes I have several new items to try on and have fun seeing what kinds of looks and outfits I can create. Sometimes I might be planning for a specific outing like going to Diva or SCC and thinking about what outfits to wear or making a packing list just for fun even if it’s is months in advance.

Occsionally during these times I might get a hour here or there at home by myself and I might do a few "dry runs". I'll try on some of the items I've bought to see how they fit or what they might go with without doing any makeup or wig. I dont really consider that an official chance to dress and I look horid but at least I get a taste of things to come.

Of course, a common way to get through the slow times is on the internet. Getting inspiration from other gurls photos or pinterest. Emailing and sharing. Seeing what other tgirls are posting on youtube etc.

Sometimes spending time "prepping" helps to bridge the gap. I might work on getting a tan, staying in shape, practicing my voice or mannerisms, etc. I'll even start growing my mails out if I have a concrete date for my next chance to dress.

I don’t mind putting off participating in my hobby for a while because I’m busy with kids’ soccer games or school plays, running errands with my wife or just hanging around the house. Someday I might not have those things and will have all the time in the world to dress and I’m sure it will seem very hollow in comparison.

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