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Diva Las Vegas 2013

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In April of 2013 I went to Las Vegas as part of the "Diva Las Vegas" gathering. The event goes all week but I was only able to attend for 3 days. I had gone for a couple days in 2011 and had a mixed bag of experiences. What a great trip it I had this time! Once I got started, I decided I’d have the attitude that I was just going to do whatever I wanted and go wherever I wanted. Damn the torpedos. No regrets. As it turned out I heard zero negative comments. The last time I went I heard a few. I don’t know if it was the fact that I had a better attitude or what. The volunteers from Diva Las Vegas did a supreme job at arranging a variety of activities that made for such a fun vacation.

After a long, snowy, rainy drive down to Las Vegas I arrived at the Quad about 1pm as expected. The parking lot was difficult to find due to the construction so I parked at Harrah’s and walked over. I had to pay extra to check in early but really had no choice. Finding tower 4 was difficult as well and by the time I had gotten into my room I was not in a good mood and considered bagging the whole thing. I checked to see if the girl I had been in touch with the previous week had emailed but I had no messages. I decided to at least do the things I had planned the first day so I took my time and got dressed and made up. I wore a striped t-shirt, Capri jeans, long gray cardigan, and black flat sandals, and brown wavy wig. Just before I left the room, she sent me an email that said she just got back and would be ready to go out and take pictures on the strip with me in about 15 minutes. That made a huge difference. Now I had someone that was relying on me. I met her in front of Harrah’s and we started down the strip. It was very windy and after a few pictures we decided to find an indoor place to take pictures so we headed into Caesar’s Palace. That was a lot of fun. There are tons of sculptures and fountains and such that make great photo backdrops.

After that I went back to my room and changed so that I could go to the scavenger hunt. I put on black slacks, my blue and black, striped sweater and a pair of black heels. This time I wore my short, dark brown wig. I figured the black heels were pretty safe to wear since they were pretty comfortable and the heel was pretty wide and not too high. I had mapped out the meeting spot but it was still hard to find. Luckily, they waited and I was able to get on a scavenger hunt team. We had just 2 teams of 3 and also about 3 or 4 non-participants. That was fun, too. We spend a couple hours finding different landmarks along Fremont Street taking fun photos along the way. I teamed up with a lady named Robyn who was very assertive when asking casino people for directions and also with Vivian who is a younger Asian girl that is very passable. I wound up getting pretty bad blisters from the heels but it was worth it.

Wednesday morning I met Ginger and others at the Outlet mall for shopping. I wore a brown, flowy top, skinny jeans, and brown, high-heeled wedges and my brown wavy wig, again. This time I went off with another Asian girl. I think her name was Michelle. She wanted to get a dress for the limo tour. We went into several stores and each bought a pair of heels. She also got a dress but wound up not wearing it because she got a farmer sunburn the next morning that would have looked weird with the sleeveless dress. She helped me take a couple videos and some pictures. Then we went to a Japanese restaurant and met a few other girls. There were about 10 of us in all. I didn’t like the food but it was good to participate. The heels didn’t bother me much but the blisters from the day before were sore so I changed into brown flats after eating and went back to my truck. Then I drove to Ross and tried on a few dresses. I brought the dresses to the changing room attendant. A security guard was there and the attendant directed me to the ladies’ changing room. I didn’t like the dresses but it was fun to try them on. Before leaving I bought a pair of sunglasses. I didnt notice any strange looks or anything the whole day. I like the feeling of being able to go and do those things without making other people uncomfortable.

That evening I drove to the Erotic Heritage Museum for the arranged event. I wore my blue cotton sun-dress, nylons, the grey cardigan again, and nude pumps and long blond wig. There was a swap meet at the beginning for people to select from things others had donated but no one seemed very interested in taking anything. Vivian was there and several other girls I had met. We took some more pictures while people arrived. Probably 50 girls showed up. A burlesque dancer did a couple of dances for the crowd. I thought the crowd was kind of lame so I went off into the museum for the second act and took some pictures with the timer on my camera. I then went back to the hotel. Since it was still a little early, I took off the fake nails and painted my nails for the last day.

Thursday morning I didn’t have any Diva events scheduled so I put on my pink, short-sleeved, flowy top, Capri jeans, white flat sandals, and brown wavy wig. I went to Savers on Charleston and tried on a few more dresses. I bought one and a satin nighty. After leaving Savers I realized that my tire was low so I stopped at a gas station and filled it with air. I then went back to the Quad and changed for the pole dancing class. I put on a long sleeve athletic top, brown leggings, brown flip-flops, my blond wig and tied a cover-up sweater around my waist. Before arriving at the dance class, I stopped and got gas and took pictures doing that as well. The class was a lot of fun. I got sweaty and was NOT good at it. The instructor was a riot. We had a blast. Valerie was there with her wife. Vivian was also there as well as Cami who I had talked to before. I left at 3pm even though the class wasn’t quite done so that I could meet a couple of Vanity Club sisters for lunch. I got back and changed back into the pink top and jeans and white sandals and met Marilyn Lowe and Maryanne Milano and Marilyn’s ex wife. We went to Serendipity and they all got drinks while I got a Buffalo chicken pizza. We sat and talked for about an hour. The place was kind of crowded but people didnt seem to mind seeing us there. One nearby group definitely noticed us but the only time they said anything was to offer to take our photos for us as we were getting a group shot before we parted. They weren’t in town for the Diva events so I was lucky that they were in town and very appreciative that they had gone out of their way to meet me.

Back at the hotel room I touched up my makeup and took my time deciding what dress to wear for the limo tour that evening. This is one of the premier events where they rent a bunch of limos and then go hit some of the better known locations for some glam photos. I finally decided to go with the tight, short black dress and the black knitted bolero, black nylons and the 6 inch platform peep-toed pumps and blond wig. I wore black flats to walk over to Trevi restaurant at Ceasar’s Palace to meet the ladies. There were about 40 of them there having dinner. When it was time to go I put on my heels and we paraded out to where the limos would be. Walking on the fake cobblestone floor in high heels was tough. I got assigned a limo with no one I knew so that was kind of lame. Our first stop was Fremont Street. We took some pictures and I had one girl about 20 ask if she could give me a hug. She said I looked beautiful. I almost fell over when my heel went into a crack in the sidewalk. We eventually made it over to the Four Queens and took pictures in front of the sign. The limo next stopped at Bellagio where we took lots of pictures at the indoor flower garden. I met a very cute t-girl named Stacey. Next we stopped at Paris. A very pretty GG there took pictures of us. Many girls went to where the live band was. Some danced. I didn’t stay because it was hot, getting late and they had a 2 drink minimum to hang out. I changed back into the black flats and saw the GG again while myself and others were leaving and she seemed to be hoping we would invite her to go out partying with us. I walked back to the Quad along the strip.

When I got back to the hotel it was well after midnight. I knew my time was done and there was no reason to stay any longer. I got cleaned up and packed up and drove 6 hrs home without sleeping. It was nice to surprise my wife that way.

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