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Phase 2

After some redesigning I have modified our old walk-in closet to be soley for myself. I'll be keeping guy clothes in the front section but the marjority will be fore my Heidi things. The closet will not be as big or glamourous as my wife's closet but I am super excited tobe able to have my skirts, heels, and blouses more accessible.

Voice Alert!

I made a video in which I show off the new closet. I figured the best way to do that was to narrate the video. I've attempted to develope a feminine voice before with poor results but I figured if I'm going to go out in public, I have to get over the fact that my voice isnt very feminine.

New bedroom and  Walk-in Closets

My wife and I have long discussed what to do with the extra bedrooms when the kids go away to college. She also has wanted to redo our bedroom more to her style. Since we both have a interest in clothes it seems logical to turn one bedroom into a closet. This would give her more room for her things. She has even more high heels, shirts, dresses and jewelry than I do. And I could finally stop storing my things in boxes and totes. Additionally, she is no longer concerned about having the bedroom be too "girly" for me. As you may have noticed she has already made the bathroom area very feminine.  And I don't mind at all. 

The system we have has worked OK but digging through the boxes to find the nylons, panties, or blouse I'd want to put on was difficult and time consuming.  Also, being unable to hang up or put my clothes in drawers meant every time I dressed I made a big mess.

We explored many ideas, having a room just for Heidi...but that would have to stay locked and seem suspicious to those who don't know about my hobby... and wouldn't provide more space for my wife.

Or we could share the new closet and make it the "all-girly-things" room.  That was my wife's idea but then she realized that people would like to see it and would notice the different sizes shoes; also she liked the idea of having the whole room for just her things. 

So we decided we would share the converted bedroom at first, then I would modify the old walk-in closet for my boy and my girl clothes (and use her room for dressing up and as a photo backdrop). 

 ​Phase 1