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As we re-entered the mall area we came upon several more fountains and took a few more photos. A couple of small groups of the school kids were wandering around but they apparently were on a scavenger hunt of some kind and paid us no attention at all. As most crossdressers know, teens can be the worst to encounter. They do a lot of studying other people and don’t have the maturity to deal with unexpected situations such as encountering a man dressed as a woman. The other scary category is 20-something aged males in a group. There is sometimes a compulsion among them to prove their masculinity by denigrating those they perceive as less masculine. And watch out if one of them mistakenly displays an attraction to someone who later is revealed to also be male.

Once back at the mall we reached the fountain I had originally intended to meet at. From there we separated and went back to our cars as planned for a change in outfits. To avoid the issue of meeting again we agreed to meet back at that fountain.

I was able to change pretty quickly in my car. I changed to a different pair of jeans and some women’s walking shoes. Then I scoped around the dark, but busy parking garage and waited for an opportunity to quickly pull off my nicer, black sweater and slip on a more casual striped sweater.

It only took a couple of seconds but I still had to get my courage up to step outside of the car again. I waited by the fountain for several minutes as people occasionally passed by. Before long, I got cold and went inside and stood near a door so that I could see the fountain and watch for Lisa to return. There was a man there with a toddler apparently waiting for someone as well. I waited for about 10 minutes, walking around a little and the man with the toddler never seemed to give me any strange attention.

When Lisa arrived he was dressed stylishly in a maxi skirt and wearing a scarf. We took some pictures in the mall and briefly stepped into Sephora for a selfie. Lisa offered to take a video for me as well so I suggested that she video me walking into Sephora. She sat on a landscape rock and discretely gave me the signal to start. I walked toward her and then turned into the store. Unbeknownst to me a group of 20-something aged men passed just as I was entering the store. No problem.

We were just about out of time but went up to the pedestrian bridge to get a couple more pictures. Once again, a gentleman offered to take the picture for us so we could both be in it. What a great way to end our day out. We are already talking about what to do next time we are lucky enough to have coordinating schedules.

I know these outings are rather mundane but I think that is kind of the point. Routine and mundane activities are so much more fun and exciting when done enfemm.

An Afternoon Downtown With Lisa part 2

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