Part 1.

Once again Lisa and I were able to coordinate schedules to have some girl time together. This time we both felt we were more interested in "doing" something rather than just taking photos so we decided to go for a hike at a popular mountain trail and then go to lunch. 

Unfortunately the parking at the trailhead was full so we went to a nearby alternative trail that was less scenic but, it turned out, quite popular as well. After using my usual stealth mode to leave the neighborhood both Lisa and I finished putting ourselves together in the parking lot as people gathered to hike. This made me nervous knowing the direct sunlight would not be kind to my features and we would have to walk right by several people. 

I wore black tights a thin, purple, long sleeved top, purple hiking shoes, and a ball cap. Lisa wore a cute hiking skirt, tight long sleeve top, and sneakers. With our hair and makeup we looked a little more dressed up than most of the ladies at the trailhead but I think we were within the normal range. 

Shortly after we started up the trail we stopped in a shady spot and took some photos. A man passed through as we were getting set up but didn't pay us much attention which bolstered my confidence. As we continued up the day got hotter so we decided to stop climbing and just take some fun photos. We found some good places, the best are always shady to prevent direct sunlight highlighting any masculine features. The trail became quite busy and we decided to just continue posing and being silly with the people passing close by. Most people seemed to not even look at us. Others looked and gave us a little smile.

Finally we figured we had spent enough time on the trail so we walked back to the car and drove up to some gorgeous wildflower filled slopes. 

Part 2

To get to the meadows we had to stop the car at an information booth. I knew this was coming so I prepared my voice a little as we approached. At the booth I rolled down the window and a young lady pleasantly greeted me. I asked if there was parking ahead and she said the lots were full but offered some other suggestions. I thanked her and drove up the narrow mountain road looking for a roadside pullout so that we could take pictures among the abundant wildflowers. 

Before long we found a great pullout in a scenic spot among rocks and flowers but very exposed to passing traffic. Undeterred we got out and set up the camera. We posed and took pictures on the rocks as motorists drove by.

We drove up a little further and the flowers were incredible so we pulled off on the side of the road and set up the camera again. While we were standing in the meadow just off the road a dump truck approached and beeped at us. The driver shouted, "No Parking on the Road, Ladies". We returned to the car realizing our mistake but immediately saw another fantastic meadow and decided to pull over again and try to quickly take a few more photos. We had barely set up the camera and had snapped a few pictures when we heard a voice over a loud speaker from a patrol car repeat, "No Parking on the Road, Ladies." Admonished, we returned to the car a little frustrated to not have captured the setting adequately but pleased to be addressed as  "Ladies" twice. 

We discussed all the people that had passed us on the trail and on the road and concluded that 90% probably don't even look at us, 9% look at us and think we are authentic women, and probably 1% can see we are cross dressers but don't really care. With time passing way too quickly we decided to change clothes and go to lunch back down in the valley.


Part 3

I found a quiet stretch of road and quickly changed as I drove to meet Lisa at the restaurant. I put on a camisole tank top, white and red flowery wrap top, white capri pants, and white wedge sandals. My allergies had been acting up all day so on the spur of the moment I pulled into a drug store to get some nose spray. The little pharmacy was busier than I expected it to be but I confidently approached the door as an older couple followed. I entered as a younger couple was leaving and walked past the cashier to the cough and cold aisle. No one seemed to be concerned that a man in heels and women's clothing was walking around in the store. A manager even asked if I needed help finding anything just as I approached the cold aisle. However, when I got to the register to pay and he asked me if I found everything ok I'm sure my voice was not very feminine since I hadn't "prep'd" it and he didnt seem surprised that I was a man dressed as a woman so he must have "read" me earlier.

I met Lisa in the parking lot and we walked in. Lisa had changed into a super cute pink skirt, white sleeveless top, and sandals. She even painted her toenails waiting for me. The hostess seated us with Lisa doing the talking. She is much better at calling up her voice quickly.

We sat down among several busy tables. We had picked this restaurant because it has a reputation of being a "girls" place. To our surprise a group of 6 or 7 right across from us were mostly men. I was facing this table and one of the men looked at me a little longer than normal. But I'm comparing that to when I'm not enfemm. A group of 4 young ladies were near by and an couple of older women friends were right next to us.

Lisa and I were so exited to be having this experience we immediately started taking pictures and selfies and this brought us a little more attention than we expected especially from the group of 4 young ladies who kind of craned their heads to get a better look at us. Aside from that nothing unusual happened.

The waitress took our orders. I tried to talk as femininely as possible but apparently was talking too softly and she had trouble hearing me. Lisa and I chatted like a couple of girlfriends and discussed how we both are glad to have the opportunity to improve out skills at eating like a ladies...sit up straight, take small bites, bring your food up to your mouth and don't hunch over your food and attack it, keep your legs together...etc.  The waitress was really sweet and refilled my glass twice. We considered asking her to take our picture but the setting was not really conducive for a group shot so we decided we would take some pictures our front. 

As usually is the case, the time passed way too quickly and we had to part with vows to do it again before too long.

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