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Getting Caught Crossdressing, Part 3

Wife finds my flickr and other social media sites, and...

Although my wife knows all about my cross-dressing and my web page and online presence it wasn’t always that way.

My wife and I discuss my cross-dressing at times and we try to set boundaries that we are both comfortable with. I try to stay within those boundaries but a few times she has discovered that I’ve not always been successful.

A couple of times in the early days she had found photos or negatives that I was too careless to put safely away and they made for some very uncomfortable conversations. But the most memorable one was when I had returned from a backpacking trip and she had found my flicker and myspace pages.

She had known I had an online presence but it had been a few years since she had been curious enough to check it out. The last time she had seen my photos was in the beginning when I had the long dark brown wig and my makeup was really pale.

I came home and she greeted me warmly but there seemed to be something a little off. Then that evening when we had just gotten into bed she said she wanted to talk. My heart beat increased immediately. She said she couldn’t sleep while I was gone and decided to look up Heidi on-line. She said it didn’t take long to find me. Then she surprised me and said, “I was very impressed. You’ve come a long way. You look really good. ”

Holy crap! That wasn’t what I was expecting. She said she found the guys that comment on my photos rather creepy but she appreciates that I keep things pretty classy.

Then she said, “Um, about the lingerie photos…”

Uh-oh! Here it comes….

“I especially liked them and found that I was a little turned on by them.” Whoa!!!! “And I was wondering if I could meet Heidi some time.”

Holy Cow! I REALLY wasn’t expecting that.

Anyways, without giving too many details, we set a date for the encounter and she even got me new lingerie for the event. A red nighty with little black hearts and she suggested I wear the reddish wig. The encounter was enjoyable and a year or so later we had a more spontaneous encounter. But that’s been all. For the most part or love life is pretty darn good as husband and wife so the extra effort it takes for a fantasy encounter like that isn’t necessary. But the memories of those times are still special to me, not only because they were pretty erotic to me but also because I knew that she was trusting me and allowing herself to be involved in something that I appreciated so much.

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