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I was also caught once by my daughter.
Only I didn’t know it at the time!

Once or twice a year my wife would go out of town for a few days with friends. Of course I would stay home to take care of the kids. And I would stay up as late as possible to dress and take photos. I would wait until I was sure the kids were asleep and start to transform. I have posted a few photos where there is a towel or robe at the bottom of the bedroom door to prevent light from seeping out or from wandering kids from peeking beneath it.

One such night I waited until about 11pm and started to get made up. I put on all of my makeup. Then I put on my panties, waist cincher, bra and my home-made play-dough breast forms. I put on nylons, and my blond wig. I put on a red dress that my wife had bought for me at a clearance sale (she liked it so much that she wore it a few times as well) and my red peep-toed pumps with 4 inch heels. As I put on the clip-on earrings, necklace and final touches I thought I was looking pretty good and was ready to take some photos. Then I realized I had left the tripod in the coat closet downstairs!

To get downstairs I would have to walk past the kids’ bedrooms and they usually slept with their doors partially open. I needed that tripod but could not bear to get all undressed and start all over. I decided to risk it. I turned off my bedroom light so that I would not be silhouetted with it shining behind me. Then I slipped out into the dark hallway. I crept downstairs, found the tripod and quickly returned to my bedroom. Completely undetected. Or so I thought.

Several weeks later we were all getting ready for church. I usually wear my soft soled black shoes but since I had chosen to wear a suit I put on the hard-soled dress shoes that I rarely wear. As I was walking down stairs to join my family my shoes made the clopping sound that high heels are known for making. Surprised at this, one of the kids remarked, “Whoa! I thought Daddy was wearing high heels!” Quickly,(almost too quickly) my wife interjected, “That’s silly. Daddy doesn’t wear high heels.” Then my daughter jumped in and declared, “Yes he does. I saw him wearing one of mommy’s dresses and high heels when she was out of town one night.” Luckily, this daughter is kind of a joker and everyone just laughed it off. She went on to describe how I was wearing a wig and went down stairs and back into the bedroom but by then no one was listening. Again, luckily, no one mentioned it again, even the one daughter. And there have been plenty of opportunities for her bring it up.

If you have a fun story that didnt have a tragic result send it to me and I'll post the best ones. heidiphox100@yahoo.com

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