Part 3

I had makeup remover and guy clothes in the car in case my in-laws had arrived at my house but I was hoping to try a couple of new outfits after returning so I really didnt want to de-transform yet. I considered my options. My first idea was to drive into the neighborhood still completely enfemm and see if their car was outside the house. I decided that if their car was not out front but I walked in and one of them was there (sometimes one will make a food run) I'd unashamadly greet them and then go change. But on further consideration I decided that I'd rather not enter the neighborhood and worry about neighbors in their yards seeing Heidi driving to my house so I took off the wig, put on the ball cap and sunglasses, and shrugged my guy shirt over my outfit. When I got home there was no car out front so I went in through the garage, still wearing the skirt, nylons and heels, top and breastforms, full makeup but no wig, just the hat. There was noo one home so I headed upstairs and started to try on the new outfit. Within minutes the front door opened and the in-laws announced their arrival. I called out a hello then took my time getting cleaned up and coming down stairs. So things actually went pretty smoothly but who knows when my luck will run out. My wife has said that she doesnt believe that my crossdressing will remain a secret forever and we both think we are as prepared as we can be to deal with that when the time comes.

Part 1.

After a summer of family time I was anxious for some time to get out enfemm.  I contacted Lisa a couple weeks earlier to see if she was willing to go out with me and she readily agreed. As the day approached I had my location and outfits picked out but Nikki informed me that her parents were coming that day to stay over night.

I did my usual "stealth" exit from the house hiding the off the shoulder top and capri jeans I was wearing under my baggy boy clothes. I had my wig and wedge heels in a duffle bag along with another outfit. We met  in the parking garage at the downtown library and finished our transformations.

I had driven by the library once and thought the landscaping might provide some good pictures. As we exited to the garden area we realized a dozen or so homeless people had gathered near there. Undeterred we took several photos in the garden and on the terraces. None of the homeless bothered us but several people walking by did notice us taking photos of each other and a group  of gardeners looked up and smiled at us several times. I assume they knew they were looking at tgirls but it's always hard to tell. At any rate neither Lisa nor myself were shy about it and weren't going to let them stop us.

We took some photos in the library as well but overall the location was not as good as I had envisioned. Luckily the state offices were across the street and provided some wonderful photo opportunities. 

Again people were coming and going but it wasn't crowed by any means. Some people stopped and looked at us and several people smiled as we walked by but I never felt like anyone was uncomfortable with out presence. 

After using the ladies' room we went to a cafe and had some drinks. The waitress was very sweet and pretty much left us alone. We took some pictures and talked about family and how transgender people are not a shock to people like they used to be.

I hadn't really planned beyond this but then Lisa suggested we go to the Capital building and I am SO glad she did!

Part 2

Before leaving the library we each changed clothes in our cars. I had brought 2 extra outfits and went with the more dressy black and white skirt and top, pantyhose, and white sling-back 4 inch heels. I had never been to the capital building but Lisa had so I followed her in my car. I almost rear-ended her when she stopped suddenly for a pedestrian. I had forgotten how driving in high heels felt different on the gas and brake pedals. 

We parked close to the capital building just as a tour bus was pulling in and walked right in past the security guards. It's always much easier to do these things with a friend, especially one as passable and confident as Lisa. It certainly makes me more confident. Also, it seems more natural for women to be in pairs rather than alone, especially if they are taking photos of each other rather than just a single woman taking selfies or using a tripod. 

There were a few people milling about but the place was not very busy. I was immediately excited with the plethora of photo op locations! The building was beautiful and the lighting was great. We gleefully started posing for each other and were having a great time when the group of Asians from the tour bus came in. It was almost comical as they seemed to hardly notice us as we continued our photo-shoot walking right by us and taking photos of their own. I noticed that we accidentally photobombed them several times and they can be seen in several of our pictures as well. 

We wandered around the building having a great time finding more and more great photo locations. Unfortunately, Lisa needed to use the ladies room and we couldn't find one. Eventually, we found one (where we had originally entered the building!) and I wandered off rather than wait outside. I walked by a man looking at a display case and he turned and smiled at me. I smiled back and kept walking, trying to do my best feminine walk wondering if he had turned to watch me walk away.

I found a great big bell that seemed like a good place for pictures so I set up the tripod and took several pictures. I'm sure it looked odd for the half dozen or so people that walked by to see a man in a skirt and heels taking photos of himself. Even if they thought I was a GG it would still be a curious sight. 

Soon Lisa approached and said when she emerged from the ladies' room she immediately knew where I was by seeing the camera flash!  LOL.

It was almost time to go so we stepped outside for a few more photos before walking back to the cars. After a quick hug and promise to get together again soon I had to decide how best to return home not knowing if the in-laws had arrived yet.

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