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I've also created a Youtube video to demonstrate.


Homemade Breast Forms


   Quick and Inexpensive

I have a technique for making breast forms that are easy and inexpensive. What I do is buy a four-pack of playdough. I mash 2 cups of dough together into a ball and put it into a ziplock bag, squeezing all of the air out before zipping it closed. Then I place the bag inside a single leg of an old pair of pantyhose. I then twist and wrap the hose back and forth over the dough ball until I've all the hose. (the video makes this clear). I make a second one the same way.  The playdough can then be shaped into whatever form would complement the particular outfit your are wearing. They can also be molded into a D shape and used as a push-up to show some actual flesh as false boobage. They usually stay pliable for a few months before getting too hard and needing to be replaced.





I used this type of breastform for years before getting silicon ones. I use the silicon most of the time these days but still occasionally find the playdough ones work better. In April 2013 I wore a tight black dress in Las Vegas and the silicon breastforms were too big and were visible in the neckline and on the sides. Luckily I had brought my home make forms and they were perfect.