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Arm Hair, before and after

Body Hair

Dealing with body hair is a concern for every crossdresser as well as many genetic women. And the older we get the more of an issue it becomes.

Of course the most important hair to deal with is facial hair. Aside from laser treatments there aren’t really any good options besides shaving very well. I’ll assume you know how to get a close shave and won’t go into detail here but I will share 1 tip. If you will be enfemm all day and have an issue with the beard starting to scruff back up by late afternoon, you don’t have to take off all the makeup and shave again before going back out in the evening. Use an electric razor right over your makeup to smooth things out again and then just touch up the makeup as needed.

I find I can do wonders with arm hair without eliminating them all together. I take a hair clipper and use one of the shorter guides (used to give crew-cuts) to trim the arm hair down quite a bit. Usually this is enough for my arms to not look like a guerrilla’s, but when I really want to look good I will use Sally Hansen Cream hair bleach which lightens my arm hairs so that they are barely even noticeable.

I keep my legs shaved. I’m a runner and that gives a built in excuse for having smooth legs. The majority of guy runners don’t shave their legs but enough do that it doesn’t seem weird. (bicyclers are especially known for shaving their legs). I see more and more guys with smooth legs at races all the time. Additionally, many men have thin or very fair leg hair so it’s not that strange to be walking around in shorts with hairless legs.

Chest and abdominal hair can be hidden with high necked sweaters but that’s no fun to do all the time. I shave my chest with a regular disposable razor before a dressing session but not between. I don’t like the stubbly feel on my chest so I let it grow back. I’ve tried waxing several times but didn’t think that was much better. There are more permanent methods such as laser treatments and the at home models are intriguing. I’ve heard mixed reviews of them so I’m holding off for now.