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Another little interesting item. I was at a thrift store looking for items for a male costume I'm considering for this Halloween when I came across this wedding dress for $15. Well, I just had to try it on so I took it into the dressing room. To my delight it fit quite well. However just as I finished zipping it up the tab on the zipper broke off! I tried and tried to move the zipper but it wouldn't budge. I could hear people gathering outside the dressing rooms waiting for one to become available. I imagined having to ask for help, or trying to bust my way out of it. But I tried to stay cool and MacGyver my way out of this predicament. I took my keys off my key ring and was able to hook the end of the key ring into the zipper pull enough to guide it down. 

I bought the dress.

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A couple of Firsts today: My wife went with me to a 50% off sale. I was in guy mode. I was browsing the ladies' tops while my wife was in the next aisle. A woman approached who was also shopping and said to me, "I wish I had a personal shopper." Not quick enough to know that she was assuming I was shopping for me wife I just smiled and said, "Oh yes, I'm sure". Then she said "Or are you shopping for yourself?" I had a basket full of obviously women's clothing so I said, "Yes. I am." She kind of awkwardly said, "Oh cool". I could see Nikki across the racks kind of chuckling about the interaction. Later she told me that when the woman said "Oh cool" she then quickly looked me up and down. That was the first time I was openly questioned about if I was buying women's clothing for myself.

The other First was when we got home. Nikki bought a skirt for herself that was slightly too tight so she asked me to try it on and model it for her so that she could see how it looks when she loses a few pounds.  

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Latest Entry:

Aborted Outing: All week I had looked forward to this day to get out and have fun running a minor outing enfemm, probably going grocery shopping. But when the day came I just wasn't into it. I got made up anyways hoping that would inspire me to go have an adventure but it just never happened. At least I cataloged a few outfits for when I eventually do.

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Southern Comfort Conference 2014

Getting caught!

Stories about the few times I was caught cross-dressing

Venturing Out of the Closet

My experience on slowly getting out into the world

Run Like a Girl

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Wig shopping with my wife

Just a little blurb: Last week my wife and I were at an "indoor" swap meet and we came to a wig store. I just had to check it out. A sales woman asked me some questions and knew right away I was shopping for myself. She asked some questions and I decided to try on one or two. My wife stood by and gave her opinion and almost talked me into buying a $200 lace front wig that was a reddish brunette. She later admitted that the whole thing made her very uncomfortable but she said it was a great opportunity for me. I am very lucky to have such a selfless wife who is my best friend. I took the sales lady's card and still might order the wig.


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