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Los Angeles Speak-Easy

Nikki and I decided to spend a long weekend in So Cal so we took DonnaKelli up on her offer to take us to a fancy restaurant in Los Angeles. She said the place was 1920's themed and people get all dressed up and dance to the swing band. It seemed like a good venue to get all dolled up with our wives. I figured the chances that we would actually dance was slim so going as all girls made sense and I chose to wear a form-fitting, strapless dress. 

We pulled up to the curb and the valet opened the doors of the car to let the "four" women out. As I walked up to the entrance in my 4 inch heels I was impressed that many of the other patrons were decked out in even more daring outfits, including some authentic 1920's costumes, so I was glad I had accessorized with a bold choker and black heels. 

We were shown a table for 4 but the view of the stage was blocked so we instead sat at the next table. Soon a waiter introduced himself and placed napkins on each of our laps. He returned and took our orders. On the entire drive to the restaurant I tried to get into my femm voice but I could just not find it so I was very uncomfortable interacting with people. 

Before long a manager came and somewhat politely pointed out that we were at the wrong table and that the table we were sitting at was reserved. We moved back to the other table without incident but I could see that we had attracted the attention of the people at all of the surrounding tables. Several minutes later a group of people arrived and were seated at the table we had been at. Throughout the night the staff and even the band members fawned over them and took pictures with them. I wonder who they were!

Once the band started I was amazed how the dance floor immediately packed with really good dancers. The band was fantastic and they cleared the dance floor occasionally to let showgirls perform. 

DonnaKelli suggested we take a walk around which I was glad to do. Sitting there wondering who is noticing me makes me more nervous and getting out there and facing the crowd is always better. Plus this gave us some chances to get some pictures. For some reason I was still feeling a little nervous and couldnt really relax and have fun with it. I think I was worried a dancing crossdresser would ruin the elegant evening for the sophisticated crowd. 

Eventually I had to use the restroom so I picked a time when the dancing girls were performing figuring most people would be watching the show. I entered the ladies' room and was impressed with the sofa and lounge area but dismayed that it only had 3 stalls so I had to wait in line behind one girl. I smiled politely and stood still hoping she wouldnt speak to me and force me to try to find my femm voice on the spot. A girl came out of a stall and she went in however then someone got in line behind me. Again I just hoped there would be no interaction. I was able to get in and out without any issues. Nikki later told me she kept an eye on the ladies leaving the restroom when I was in there to see if she could detect any annoyance in their demeanor, and everything seemed normal.

The food and the performance was very good but not having a good view of the stage and not being able to participate in the dancing was a pretty big damper on the evening. We all decided that if we did it again we would come dressed in better period clothing and in "boy-girl  mode" to really get to participate. 

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