Thinking about the early years


9/23/13                    Wedding Dress

 While shopping at a second-hand store with my wife I saw a wedding dress that I loved so I tried it on and bought it.

Crossdressed for Halloween.

I plan to dress enfemm this year but only once in the past have I had the chance to cross-dress for a Halloween party. 

Wig shopping with my wife

 Last week my wife and I were at an "indoor" swap meet and we came to a wig store. I just had to check it out. A sales woman asked me some questions and knew right away I was shopping for myself. She asked some questions and I decided to try on one or two. My wife stood by and gave her opinion and almost talked me into buying a $200 lace front wig that was a reddish brunette. She later admitted that the whole thing made her very uncomfortable but she said it was a great opportunity for me. I am very lucky to have such a selfless wife who is my best friend. I took the sales lady's card and still might order the wig.

Run Like a Girl

Running a Halloween Half Marathon enfemm


Venturing Out of the Closet

My experience on slowly getting out into the world


 Keeping priorities in line while still enjoying my "hobby"

Does Crossdressing make you a better person? 



Frequently Asked Questions


TG, CD, GG...etc.

2013 Year in Review



Why is cross-dressing regarded negatively by most people.

Danger in Posting?

Is there a danger in posting photos online?

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Dressing Room

Just a little blurb: today my wife and I were talking about what things will be like after the kids are grown and gone and unexpectedly she suggested that I use one of the bedrooms as my Heidi Room. How cool would that be! Also, it tells me that she is (today) more accepting than I sometimes suspect, and also that she recognizes that this hobby isn't going away. I am very lucky. And now I can start planning what it will be like!

Crossdressing and Religion

Can you Crossdresser and be a good Christian

A Wife's Perspective

My wife was kind enough to put down her thoughts

Diva Las Vegas 2013

The Doldrums

Enduring the sometimes long interims between opportunities to dress

More Tricks of the Trade

More of a book review than blog post. I was very impressed by all the great advice and techniques much of which I haven't seen published or on the web before.

Early Impressions

From as early as I can recall I've always had a fascination in the idea of males appearing as females. Many times the topic would appear in the mainstream and the memories stuck with me.

Contemplating the issue of


Anxious for SCC

Excited, somewhat nervous to go the Southern Comfort Conference

How do you react if you see a cross-dresser out in public?

Outing with a friend

To a mall and to a local park

To Blend In or

to Stand Out?

Getting caught!

Stories about the few times I was caught cross-dressing


Sometimes the only crossdressing you can do is in your imagination.

Southern Comfort Conference 2014

Shopping "Lessons"

Little things I learned on a night out shopping enfemm

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Walmart and other errands

My Christmas wish list

What's on yours?

Time to Retire from Cross-dressing?

Downtown with Lisa

Contributors' stories of getting caught, etc. while  dressing enfemm.