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Are Cross-Dressers "Normal"?  Or maybe more?

​I've always maintained that men who like to wear women's clothing are usually just "normal" guys but I'm starting to think that I might have been mistaken. Through my contacts with others of this proclivity, I have found that the vast majority are much more successful and accomplished than average. Many are doctors, lawyers, pilots, high ranking military, police, community leaders, business owners, etc.

Is there a link? I guess I first should try to determine if my experiences are an accurate representation of the cross-dressing community. All of my contacts are via the internet and sites that I frequent. So there is somewhat of a selected group there. I tend to get to know the ones that I seem to have the most in common with and present their selves in a way that is similar to the way I do. Therefore, to some extent, the contacts would tend to have a commonality with myself and I have had a relatively successful life my normal standards. 

​So while I admit that my knowledge may be skewed, I do think there is a link between cross-dressing and success, at least for a significant subset of the men that enjoy dressing as women. (At this point in our society, "transitioning" can have very detrimental effects on careers and family relationships although that is not always the case). 

​I wonder if being able to spend a lifetime managing a compulsion to act/dress in a way that is not generally approved fosters the skills needed to forge through other difficult life circumstances. Maybe our failure to overcome the desire to dress in women's clothing stimulates us to overcome other weaknesses and perfect ourselves in other aspects of our lives. Could the humility created by realizing that we are different encourage us to be more open to new ideas? I firmly believe that our enjoyment in embracing some feminine attributes makes us more caring, nurturing, compassionate, empathetic individuals. While there is definitely a time and place to bring out the masculine traits, defending those that need it, standing up against a wrong, hunting, camping, wrestling with the kids, etc. being able to put those attitudes aside can be contributory to developing a successful character.  

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"Does Cross-dressing Make You a Better Person"

Does Cross-dressing make you a Better Person?


This is something I've thought about on and off for quite a while. I'm sure, like most things it depends on the person and the situation.

Is it a self-indulgent pleasure? Maybe. Does that matter? Does your desire to cross-dress cause you anxiety or shame?

Does participating in it detract from other areas of you life?

Does it detract from the happiness of others?

Are you putting your health in danger to be more feminine?

Does it keep you from making close personal relationships?

Would forcing yourself to abstain from crossdressing make you better able to overcome other impulses and temptations as well?

Does taking the opportunity to crossdress make you better able to  withstand clearly harmful desires or temptations?

Does it make you more able to focus or give generously to other aspects of your life?

Does it help you connect with others socially?

Does it inspire you to keep more healthy and fit?

Does crossdressing help you be more willing to see to the needs of others?

Are you better able to deal with anxiety or pressures?

Does it give you confidence or make you feel proud of yourself for embracing this side of yourself?


I think it's good to think about these questions once in a while and make sure the ship is still on course. It can be easy to lose focus of the ultimate goals when sailing through the pink fog.