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Part 3:  Park and Outlet Mall

A few more quick pictures then Lisa headed off but it seemed a shame for me to call it a day so I tried to find a city park with lots of people that I could pitch my towel among and do a little more sunning in my bikini. 

The first park I found was deserted so I headed more toward downtown. I found a pretty park with only one car parked at it and decided stopping there was better than continuing to waste time driving around. Shortly after parking the other car left so I strolled out onto the lawn in my bikini and spread my beach towel under a tree to take some pictures. I isn't "sunning" in the shade but pictures always come out better without the direct sunlight. 

Shortly thereafter a maintenance truck pulled up and a couple of workers strolled by to the check on the restrooms. Neither one paid me much attention. A trickling of young men and women crossed the lawn nearby but also didn't give me more than a cursory glance and smile. Luckily for me in this day of Instagram and Selfies seeing someone taking pictures of themselves in a park doesn't stand out as particularly unusual.

I had brought along a casual outfit in case the beach thing didn't work out and decided to put it to use at an outlet mall that was along the way home. It was getting really hot so I knew this excursion would be brief. I parked on the edge of the parking lot and discreetly changed into a sundress, wedges and chambray top. 

I walked in and was again surprised that there were so few people. In some ways this was good in that I could easily take pictures and videos but I was really hoping the possibilities of more interactions. With the heat creeping up I went inside a store and browsed around a little to cool off. I wasn't really looking to buy anything. There were a few people shopping but again I wasn't really noticed. 

As I left the store and headed back through the mall toward my car I made a point to walk in the paths of oncoming shopper as few as they were. This forced a few of them to say Hi to me and I said Hi back. 

Finally back at the car I had to transform back to my regular self knowing that my daughter would be home when I got there. I walked in the door and exchanged a few pleasant comments before I headed upstairs toting my hiking backpack...a normal sight for her since she had no idea that the backpack was full of wigs, makeup, and girls clothes. When I got up to my bedroom and started to change clothes I realized I still had my necklace on!  Oops. At least my daughter was too distracted by her phone to pay too close attention.

Beach Day (part 1)

Fishing As a Girl

Neither Lisa nor I were expecting too much free time for girl-days over the summer so we decided to figure something out on our own.  With the temps in the 90's I thought it might be fun do some beach or lake activities. Lisa immediately agreed and said she knew the perfect place in the mountains.

We agreed to meet at the lake but with no cell service there was no chance to communicate. I drove to the lake and did my transformation there since all of the kids are home for the summer. I painted my toe nails red, put on short jeans cut-offs, a bikini top, tied my shirt top on over it and put on wedge flip-flops.

 People started filling in the parking spots and shortly after I finished getting ready Lisa pulled up next to me. There were a lot of guys fishing, several kayakers, and a few people starting to use the beach area to sit in the sun. We decided to do a little fishing and thought it would be a great photo op if we caught one. Unfortunately it was super windy and the fishing was difficult, besides we were too distracted with posing and taking pictures. 

We decided to leave and go to the beach to see if we could get a few pictures in our bikinis. 

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Part 2

Bikinis on the Beach

We were lucky to find parking right next to the beach. I quickly changed into my bikini bottoms and made sure everything was in place. While Lisa was in a nearby restroom changing I set my camera on the car and took pictures with the beach in the background. A few people walked by but I tried to not make a spectacle of myself. While Lisa was in the restroom a man somehow opened the door and apologetically ducked back out.

Once we were both ready we took some photos on the beach. We were behind most people so as to not be too intrusive of their recreation.  I was prepared for some stares and smirks but surprised how little attention we  garnered. With building confidence we took turns walking among the beach-goers. At one point I walked down to the water and very close to a few people. One woman watched me with a little grin...I'm pretty sure she knew I was a man dressed as a woman because I suppose if I had been a cis-female she wouldnt have been so...amused by my walking around in a bikini. As I walked back I passed an older man who didnt even look up as I passed.

It was incredibly windy and really difficult to take posed pictures so we didnt stay long and resolved to take a few more photos in a more protected area before our obligations put an end to our fun morning.