Back to Back girl time,  Part 1

It's been a struggle with the college kids home to figure out how to get out of the house for some girl-time. But when my wife and oldest daughter went away for a night with some friends for a girls weekend I decided this would be as good a chance as I was going to get. The plan was to dress in the evening and then again early the next morning. I would have my own "girl's weekend",

After spending the day doing things with the kids that stayed home, I "went to bed" early to start to transform. They were fine with that since then they could dedicate the rest of the night to video games. I got all my makeup and eyelashes on and then realized I had left my camera down stairs. Carefully I peaked out and saw that they were engrossed in their game so I casually walked across the room behind them keeping my back to them and retrieved my camera.  I heard one "Hi Dad" but I'm not even sure they looked up!

For a while I have been thinking about doing some kind of Rockabilly or 40's pinup retro look and with the new popularity of high-waisted jeans I was ready to give it a shot. 

​Part 2

Although I keep my toenails painted in a very neutral tan color all of the time, when I dress as Heidi I like to paint them a deeper color red or purple. My finger nails had gotten pretty long so I painted them red as well. I did a careful job knowing I would keep them painted through the night and into the next day. 

My wife texted me to have a good time deciding to not facetime me as she usually does since she knew I'd be dressing. By midnight I decided it was time to call it quits and I cleaned up and got things ready for the next day. 

After setting the alarm for 5am I put on a satin nightie and climbed into bed. 

When the alarm went off I took a second to think twice about going out as Heidi and quickly decided to go for it. I put on my makeup and got dressed and was out the door in an hour before either the kids or the sun came up. 

I drove to a popular mountain lake expecting to get there about sunrise but was quite early. Once it was reasonably light I left the car and started walking along the trail. It was colder than I expected and I had to be careful not to slip on the frosty boardwalk. Several other people were doing the same most with really nice cameras. I passed several people walking the other way and we said hello to each other. One woman passed giving me the long inquisitive stare that I get when people are trying to figure me out. But the family crowds had not arrived yet and I was able to take several pictures with my camera on a tripod using the timer without feeling too self conscious. 

I saw a young woman ahead with a camera taking pictures of so I stopped and took a few pictures pf myself. When I continued up the trail she said hello. I asked if she was getting any good photos and she said Yes and asked if I was. I said We'll see. I dont know if she saw me taking pictures of myself or if she knew I was a CD but she was quite pleasant. 

Just as I was about to finish, a woman with 2 kids approached me and pointed across the lake and said "the beaver are out if you want to see some". I expressed appreciation and asked if she'd seen any moose. She said no and I remarked that I was hoping to see one. She sweetly said to have a good day and I returned to my car to warm up and change into a short dress for some girly photos 

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Part 3

I took a few minutes to warm up in the car and drove down the canyon looking for a place to pull over with some fall colors or something scenic. The foliage was quite muted but I found a gravel spot on the side of the road and changed into a short yellow dress, denim top, nylons and boots. As I walked away from the car and into a field near a stream i noticed a couple of fly fishermen not too far away. I put up my tripod and took several pictures in the field while the fishermen looked on from about 300 yards away. 

I returned to the car as traffic drove by. I drove down the canyon some more and found a couple of more pretty spots to take pictures near the stream. 

A couple of times people either ran or biked by as i posed for my camera on the tripod. 

Eventually I had spent enough time and decided to head home to try to make sure I got home before my wife did. I found a spot to take the makeup off and changed into my guy clothes. When I got home my daughters asked where I had been. I said up in the mountains which was not out of character for me. Luckily they were occupied enough with their activities that they didnt notice the large duffle bag I brought in full of my girl stuff. 

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