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Inside the busy ladies' room

Atlanta Soiree ~ Day 4

​Saturday was to be my last day before heading home. It started out a little depressing. Kimberly had to catch an early flight and the big Vanity Club event was over.

​But I had one more day of Heidi-time left and was determined to make the most of it. I knew many of the gurls in our group were college football fans so I had to be sure to wear my Utah Utes top, especially since they had just jumped to a high ranking. I completed the outfit with skinny jeans and brown booties.

​Up at the lobby I was Jamie and Stephanie were already watching games and wearing team shirts.  I watched a little with them until someone suggested going over to the mall for lunch and some shopping. I went with Ashley and Jen and a few others to the food court at the mall. We went to different shops to get our food and I had to wait in a fairly long line by myself but had not issues with people concerned that a cross-dresser was among them.

We had a great table right at the bottom of an escelator so we were the first thing people saw as they came down in from the mall and into the foot court. We did get several prolonged looks from people wondering if we were real girls or guys in drag. But other than that we didn't have any significant issues.

​After eating we sort of split up and browsed throughout the mall. I teamed up with Jen and we tried to get a few more pictures in without drawing too much attention to ourselves.

​We lingered in Macey's for a while and I saw some gorgeous dresses that I was determined to try on. I took two into the dressing room and snapped a few pictures of the first one. The second one was even more beautiful but I was afraid that if I zipped it up I wouldn't be able to unzip it and would either have to find help or would wind up ripping the dress so I didn't zip it all of the way up. It was a wise decision. As I took the dress off I noticed the price...$550!!!!!

​I slipped out of the dressing room and found a few of the girls in the shoe area. There were lots of nice shoes there but I was starting to need to use the bathroom. Luckily there was a restroom nearby but it was kind of busy. I had never used a ladies room that wasn't deserted or nearly so but was determined not to be dissuaded. I walked in and past a woman and her daughter. I headed straight to a stall and was extremely relieved that there was an open one. Inside I did my best to not reveal that I was a man in the ladies' room. That sounds easy once inside the stall but I wear lots of butt and hip padding over a girdle that usually need to be pulled down before using the toilet and seeing that around my ankles might be disconcerting to anyone in the stall next door.

​Luckily, that morning I had chosen just to wear my black lace panties instead of the girdle under the padding so I could do my business without having to pull all of the padding down. I finished up, rinsed my hands quickly just another woman was coming out of a stall and exited. That was another first for me! But I was kind of nervous. Do women typically interact or talk while at the sink in the ladies room? What would I have done if I had been forced to wait for a stall or someone tried to chat at the sink?

Tips & Tricks

Back a the hotel many of us decided to go out for a nice dinner before going out to Johnny's one last time that evening.

I pulled myself away from a wonderful conversation with KC about the future of cross-dressers in America and of the Vanity club. I dressed in a turquoise satin top, black, knee-length skirt, black panty hose and black high heels. Two groups of us took the hotel shuttle to a nice Italian restaurant and the dinner was quite pleasant as we seemed to fit right in among the other clientele. 

​After dinner Jen and Ashley and I headed into the hotel lobby bar to wait for the others before going out to Johnny's. We strutted into the bar and some coward among a group of guys made a loud mooooo'ing sound. This really annoyed Jen and she was ready to confront them but she really was a great example to me. She had the waiter bring over the manager and described the incident. He agreed that kind of behavior was unacceptable and said he would take care of it if it happened again (rather than there being a confrontation).

Once we had a significant group gathered I thin the numbers made any further issues unlikely and we made plans to go out to the club. Georgia football team had lost and we weren't sure if that meant there would be fewer people out at the bar or just more grumpy people.

​We changed clothes and headed out. I decided to wear a long flowey top over my skinny jeans and riding boots. I liked the idea that I observed of GG's wearing jeans to a bar so that they could just bring an ID and cash and didn't have to worry about a purse when out on the floor dancing.

​The dancing was fun. Brandi was there and as stunningly gorgeous as ever and we got some positive attention. One woman approached me and said she was a professional photographer and wanted to do a photoshoot with us. A guy was watching us dance and kind of making me nervous but after the song was over he said to me that he had a friend that was transgendered and was impressed with how we looked.  

​Eventually, it was time to go. I was glad to get back to the hotel and finally get the chance to sit in on the late night pow-wows that occur often at these gatherings. I made it back in time for an hour or two of serious conversation, silliness, and good friendship that I had been missing any time I had gone to bed "early"...ie 2am. 

It was too late for me to go to bed since I had to catch an early flight so I just took my time back in my room to pack up and get back to being my regular self and anxious to see my wife and kids again. But the fun and memories from this trip will bring a smile to my face for a long time and I'm sure I'll be looking forward to another soiree some day.