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Atlanta 2015  Day 3

Friday I slept in a little but got dressed in time for a presentation by Monica Prata. Monica has a business in which she coaches feminine presentation. About 20 of us attended and it was thoroughly enjoyable. It was an hour long and I would have easily enjoyed spending another couple of hours.

Afterwards, some of the girls wanted to go to Victoria's Secret so a few of us went to the mall across the street from the hotel. I had finally met Laura Lenley the day before and it was really neat to get to spend some time with her shopping. First we got some lunch and then wandered down the mall until we found VS. Jenee and I didnt really shop much but posed for a few pictures inside the store while Laura and Kimberly tried on a few things.

We wandered around the mall a little more before finding our way back across the road to the hotel.

Friday night was the Vanity Club Glam Dinner so I made sure I was back in plenty of time to get ready. I had brought 2 dresses to chose from but was determined to wear the black and silver sleeveless dress. I used my NewBra from Glamour Boutique to create some cleavage and put on the the dress. Liking how it looked I next had to decide on a wig. I had packed 5 wigs for this reason. My short brown Raquel Welch wig is the most flattering for my face but I wanted something more glamorous. After trying all 5 I settled on a reddish wavy long wig I had gotten off of Poshmark for about $40. I finished the look with black high heel sandals and jewelry I had recently gotten.

Meeting all of the girls up at the lobby was a treat. Everyone looked so good in their finest and LOTS of pictures were taken before we were directed into the banquet room for our dinner. There was a lot of mingling, more picture taking, and reminiscing about lost sisters. There was also talk about outreach programs and ways in which the club might be able to use their incredible credentials of their members to make the world a better place. Many of the members already do a lot of charity and volunteer work.

This night I decided to try to get a better night's rest and didnt go out late or stay up and hang out with the gals on the floor above. I kind of wish I had stayed up since I heard there was some good conversation but they didnt finish until about 4 or 5 am so I probably would have regretted it the next day.