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The Vanity Club Glam Dinner is sort of the feature of the trip and we took our time getting dolled up. I wore tight purple strapless mermaid dress. I had combined my usual hip/butt padding with a tight corset and used nu-bra pads and duct tape to create some decent cleavage and hourglass figure. I strapped on 6 inch silver heels and pulled my hair back with a flower clip.

The Glam Dinner is well worth attending but is always too long for my taste. Everyone looked amazing and it was hard to believe this was not a group of genetic ladies. There was the usual posing for photos and mingling with girls I don’t see very often. The introduction of the new members, remembrance of those that have passed, and group photo are understandably important parts of the dinner.

Several of us had planned to go out again to Johnny’s for one last hurrah and I was still on a high wondering if any of the Chargers were staying in our hotel so I quickly changed into a blue mini-skirt, nudehigh-heels and my Chargers jersey and jokingly showed the ladies what I was going to wear that evening. After a laugh I changed my top into a silver wrap top and a few of us got a ride to the club. By the time we got there it was pretty late and there was a long line. We waited in line for about 40 minutes. My feet were starting to kill me from standing on the cement for so long and from 4 days of abuse, and with the bar so crowded I was pretty sure we wouldn’t be able to find a place to sit. Laura could see the lack of enthusiasm on my face and suggested we go to a sports bar/restaurant next to our hotel. Everyone agreed and we got a ride there.

Kimberly proudly walked right into the bar area, past the mostly empty tables and started to sit at the bar. I immediately imagined getting the last stool and being completely excluded from any conversations so when someone suggested sitting at a table instead I quickly spoke up and said Yes. But I soon realized Kimberly’s wisdom in going to the bar area and being “part of the scene”. Being seen in public and interacting with other people is part of the fun. Instead we sat a table and had pleasant conversation but we could have just stayed at the hotel if that was what we wanted.

Eventually we called it a night and when Laura and I got back to the room we started to pack things up for traveling back home to resume our regular lives. Sometimes it can be really hard to know that the femm time is over and to put it all away with the realization that it could be a long time before getting to be Heidi again but I am very grateful for my wife for making me feel like it’s ok for me to dress when I want or need to.

The first few times I attended cross-dressing gatherings I stayed in rooms by myself. I thought it would be monumentally weird to be sharing a room with someone else. But the last 3 times I have stayed with another CD and it has not been weird at all. I think I have chosen my roommates well and the forced time together has allowed us to really get to know each other as close friends. I’m sure some people think that it is all about sexual hook ups but I am very glad to say it’s not even close to that. It is more like camping with a buddy…but much more…we already know each other’s secrets and have lived through similar experiences, trials, worries etc. so there is a trust and “sisterhood” that can make for lifetime friendships.

Knowing I would be pressed for time in the morning I had slept with my silicone hip pads on. I had never done that before but it turned out to not be a problem. I got up early enough Saturday morning to be ready to meet Mari, Audrey, and Patti in the lobby for a morning walk. I dressed in my black sports bra, black Capri length exercise leggings, and a purple long sleeve race shirt from a half marathon. When I had run the race as my usually male self earlier in the year I chose to receive a women’s top as part of their give-aways and saved it for an occasion like this. I considered wearing my San Diego Chargers jersey to show my support for them since they would be playing the Falcons the next day but the marathon top gave a more feminine look.

I was the first one down to the lobby and sat there browsing the paper as the business men got their coffee and headed out for the day as well as a couple of GG ladies who were just getting back from a walk of their own. The hotel staff was fantastic the whole visit and none of the other patrons seemed to be concerned about the presence of so many t-girls. (I dont know if the staff warned people as they checked in) Audrey and Mari soon arrived as well as Pattie who had decided to do the walk in guy mode. The four of us set off on the sidewalk at a brisk pace as the morning commuters drove by. We tried to take photos in a few spots but the lighting and settings were less than perfect.

Finally we decided to head over to the mall where we had said we’d be meeting Audrey’s wife for breakfast. The entrance to the mall provided a nice location for some photos. As usual, we ordered and were served breakfast without any real issues. I had tucked some money in waistband and was able to sneak it out without anyone noticing but once I had ordered, was handed my drink cup and food, a woman smirked as I fumbled with it all and tried to figure out what to do with the change. After breakfast in the mall we posed for a few more photos on another escalator for fun, doing a few runs up and down to be sure we got good pictures, before heading back to change into our outfits for the day.

Since I knew the weather would be cooler this day I had chosen a sweater, leggings and riding boots to wear for the day’s activities. We didn’t really have big plans for the day but Laura and I and a few others wanted to go to DSW to try on shoes enfemm. One of the most fun activities for a cross-dresser to do enfemm is to try on shoes and clothing. Most of us have wasted a lot of time and money blindly purchasing items that don’t fit right .

We got a ride to the DSW shopping center but stopped at Ulta so that I could buy some hair spray. Inside DSW we met Kimber and Kimberly. I checked out the clearance section and didn’t find anything I liked so I knew I wouldn’t be making any purchases there. But I took the opportunity to try on some styles of shoes and boots that I normally wouldn’t. I tried on some sexy heels, a pair of black over the knee boots, and a tall pair of light brown western style boots that I really loved but were just too expensive.

The other girls left before us and went to lunch but Laura and I wanted to stop in one more store first. We went into Ross but Laura didn’t find what she was looking for and we were starting to get hungry so we didn’t shop long. I did see some men’s patterned socks that my wife likes me to wear so I stood among the guys in the men’s area and picked out some socks. Thus, in the 4 days I had been in Atlanta enfemm, shopping each day, I only bought a fragrance for my wife and some men’s socks!

Once again we found ourselves in the mall for a quick meal. This time not at the food court but at a café with seating in the main thoroughfare. The seating was limited but we found a table, ate, and took photos. The serving sizes were small so Laura suggested we get ice cream at the shop on the floor below. As we entered, a couple of tall men passed us going the other way and I immediately recognized one of them as the quarterback for the Chargers! I could feel my adrenaline race and wandered back to the entrance where he was lingering with people who appeared to be his family. Excitedly, I asked Laura if she would take a photo of me with him but she wisely said that it would be poor tact to interrupt his time with his family. I couldn’t completely leave the situation though, and walked past him, tapped his arm and said, “Knock them dead, tomorrow.” He smiled and replied, “Thank you. I appreciate that.”

I was on a high, having met my favorite member of my favorite team. And doing it enfemm! I’m sure Laura thought I was crazy. We finished our ice cream and full of confidence and glee took several more photos in the busy mall before returning to the hotel.

Atlanta 2016

Day 3

While Thursday might have been my most fun day, Friday was my best photo day. I must have done my hair or makeup better or something.

Before we got dressed Laura and I decided to try the concierge room again before it closed. I didnt have time to get done up so I just went there in guy mode....with my long fingernails still a pretty purple color! We were still too late for the food but about 8 of our group were already there...some as their guy selfs some as girls. It was quite a kick to try to figure out who was who.

I had figured out what fragrance I needed to buy at Victoria’s Secret for my wife so Laura and I decided to go back to the mall for lunch. I wore a purple wrap top, grey stretch jeans and wedge sandals. Once again we walked across the busy street to the mall, waiting at the cross walk for the light to change as lots of cars passed and then proudly crossed in front of all of the stopped motorists.

Laura had to stop just as we got to the mall and make some adjustments to her shoes that were hurting. That’s one of the hazards of these trips. Our feet are not accustomed the shoes we wear. We always want to wear as many of the outfits and shoes we have packed no matter how they feel, and we often haven’t done a “test drive” in the shoes for more than a few minutes. More than once this trip I provided band-aids to others as well as suffered some nasty sores myself.

Once inside Victoria’s Secret we found a sales-girl and asked her where the particular body spray was. She said it was discontinued but showed us a similar fragrance so I bought that one. There is a certain pride in making a purchase from Victoria’s Secret enfemm and I made sure Laura took some photos of me leaving the store with my shopping bag.

We crossed the mall and found the food court. The lighting was good there so we took turns taking pictures of each other coming down the escalator. There is something about escalators that are conducive to good photos. I got in line at Chipolte while Laura went to another vendor. A man got in line behind/next to me and said Hi. I said Hi back and he started small taking with me. Just before it was my turn to order he asked for my phone number so that he could meet me and my friends out tonight. I politely said no thank you and then placed my order. When I turned back he was gone. Apparently he had gotten in line just to talk to me. That is the first time I have been asked for my phone number.

Once back at the hotel we changed into nicer clothes for an afternoon “wine tasting” event. Despite the fact that I don’t drink I was up for the mingling. I put on black nylons, a black pencil skirt with a small lace slit, a violet tank top with some sparkle to it, and a black shrug. The separate pieces went well together and I got lots of compliments on the “dress” that I was wearing. This was more of the typical cross-dresser event…get all dressed up, mingle a little and take lots of pictures. Unlike some cross-dresser gatherings this group always keeps the attire and poses very classy and tasteful.

Someone had organized a trip to a museum that evening for drinks and dinner. It didn’t sound great to me but Laura and I decided to go. The museum was beautiful and if it had been daytime still I’m sure it would have been a great place to get photos on the grounds. As it was, we got lots of fun pictures inside. A DJ started playing Latin music and almost right away a short Latino man asked me to dance. I said I didn’t know how and he said that’s ok. I let him lead me through a few moves and started to get the hang of it. It was a little awkward since I was taller than him…and because we were the only couple on the dance floor at the time! I thanked him and then went to get a snack and drink.

Soon a dance instructor started teaching salsa steps and quickly the dance floor filled. I left my food and squeezed into a spot on the floor to try to learn. Several other girls from our group then came out as well. I had an older woman to my right and a young man to my left. Neither one was picking up the steps very well and we kept bumping into each other. The dance instructions were a lot of fun and we learned 4 or 5 moves but I was starting to perspire so when he said to now pair up for couples dancing I took the opportunity to grab my snack and slip outside to cool off. Laura did the same and the cool air did its trick. Before long we noticed that there was a shortage of men on the dance floor and a lot of the couples were girls dancing with girls (as is very common at group dance lessons) so Laura and I went back out to the dance floor to try the couple’s lesson. That was much less successful. We had missed most of the instruction and even though I said I’d lead, Laura kept putting her hands in the man’s position. It was pretty funny and still quite fun despite how clumsy we must have looked.

We took and Uber again back to the hotel. Laura went back to Johnny’s and met some of the gals there but I turned in early(ish) so that I could go walking in the morning and also save some energy for our big Glam Dinner, Saturday night.

Day 4