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As explained in my “Battle Plans” blog I had packed exact outfits for each day and night however panic started to set in a few days before leaving and I wound up shoving several more outfits into my suitcase “just in case”. Still, I kept my suitcase under 50lbs and loaded the duffle bag up to about 25 lbs.

I have a goal to someday fly enfemm but that will have to wait until the logistics work out. Arriving in Atlanta I got a text from Kimberly saying Kimber, Laura and herself would be arriving about the same time and that they could meet me for lunch before traveling to the airport. So I saw them sitting in a restaurant (only Kimberly was in girl-mode) and hoped they wouldn’t recognize me in guy mode so that I could surprise them. Unfortunately, they spotted me and waved me down. I had never seen Laura in guy mode and was amazed at the difference.

We called and Uber and the female driver was dressed in guy clothes and had short hair. Laura took that opportunity to explain to her what we were doing in town and showed her pictures of us enfemm.

We got to the hotel, checked in and started to settle in. I had only packed girl clothes.The only guy clothes were the ones I was wearing got packed away while my girl clothes got set out and hung up in anticipation of a wonderful 4 days.

Finally, we were dressed and took the elevator down to the lobby. I was determined to wear as many high heels and shirts/dresses as possible so I chose a denim mini-skort and wedge heels. I had only a slight apprehension at going out in public as a woman. I still get it almost every time but hardly at all when out with girl-friends. I was thrilled to find that Audrey Ahmay was in the lobbly with her wife. I have been a long time corresponder with her but this was our first time meeting in person. She is even prettier in person. We all took a few photos in the lobby (of course), joined with Marcia who came all the way from Brazil, and Colleen, and all went out to dinner.

After dinner we decided to go to Johnny’s Hideaway as is our usual plan. I changed into a blue mini-skirt, wrap top that showed some nice false cleavage and 4 inch heels. I decided to skip the nylons for the more natural bare leg look. We called an Uber driver and in what turned out to be a running theme for the week, we engaged the driver in conversation, asking him if he had driven “girls like us” before and letting him know that we were just regular husbands and fathers etc most of the time.

There were about 6 of us there, hanging out at times, dancing at other times. We got lots of attention from girls and guys wanting to dance next to us as well as a group of guys at the table next to us that seemed to want to pay attention to us. One older gentleman asked to buy me a drink (a first for me) but I didn’t want to accept and then get stuck talking to him so I declined. A couple of pretty girls would come out to dance almost every time we were out there. One did a sexy shimmy down in front of me and ran her hands up my shaved legs and I made a mental note to be sure to freshly shave my legs anytime I go out dancing.

I tried my best to dance in a feminine way but had to stay reserved since I would quickly get hot and start to perspire if I danced more than 2 songs in a row or if I put too much energy into dancing. Eventually it got late, feet were starting to get sore, and we headed back to the hotel looking forward to Thursday and a full day enfemm.

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Thursday morning Laura and I got up a little late and took our time getting dressed and made up. Someone had mentioned that we were allowed access to the concierge lounge so we tried it out only to find that we were too late for the breakfast but we grabbed some drinks and snacks and headed down to the lobby. . Since the weather was still warm I chose to wear a short sun dress with a small cardigan sweater and brown wedge heels. I also chose to wear my shorter wig.

We met up with Marcia and Kimber and crossed the road over to the mall to have lunch and do a little shopping. While I get kind of nervous when out by myself, I have no reservations when out with such classy and passable gals. I think the main reason is that when out with them the simplest errand is like a grand adventure.

After lunch we stopped into Sephora so that Laura could pick up some makeup. Once again I was amazed at how she disarmed and endeared herself to the salesgirl when she walked up to one and said, “what kind of makeup is good for covering up a beard?”

The salesgirls in Victoria’s Secret were wonderful as always and we lingered in there for a little while as I tried to find the fragrance that my wife said she wanted. We took some photos inside the store as well as outside it until it was time to catch another Uber to go to a wig store nearby.

After the wig store we did a little more shopping then went back to the hotel to change for the evening activities. I changed into skinny jeans, a form-fitting tank top, a turquoise shrug and ankle boots. I had convinced about 10 girls to try country line dancing. The only place I could find nearby was a gay bar but the reviews online said it was rather mainstream for the line dancing. Trying to get that large a crowd together and on time is a challenge (and if you arrive late for the lessons you are completely lost) so I convinced them to have dinner in the hotel bar.

We got there on time but just barely. I found the instructor and to my dismay he said he was going to teach the “Bombshell Stomp”. Yikes! That is probably the second hardest line dance I know. Actually, I didn’t even know it because one of the instructors at the place I usually go dancing tried to teach it once and it was a huge failure. But we lined up on the floor with a handful of GG’s and a dozen or so guys. The instructor was mediocre but the dance was just too hard for my girls who had never line danced before. I picked it up fairly well (since I already knew some of the dance) and the instructor even called everyone’s attention to me for doing so well. A woman who was dancing next to me also complimented me and said I was doing great.

Free dancing, mostly 2-stepping, followed and it was clear that the crowd was not mainstream at all. It wasn’t for another 30 minutes or so before I saw a guy and girl dancing together. As I was hanging out by the bar with some of the gurls, a guy asked me to dance and I politely declined. He seemed like he had expected me to say no. I discussed with Laura why I had said Yes last January at a straight bar but would not say Yes at a gay bar.

Soon, they were playing line dance songs again and luckily for me I knew some of the dances. It sure is fun to show up and be able to join in like that. I tried not to dance too much since dancing in a wig, corset, etc can be really hot and sweaty if I don’t take enough breaks. The Bombshell Stomp came on again and despite the encouragement of the woman I had been next to in the lessons I had to sit it out. Later, a man and woman sat down at a table nearby and the women was fascinated by our group and insisted on taking pictures with us.

Kimberly and Marcia were great sports and joined in the best they could but eventually I felt bad about it being the Heidi show and we got a ride back to the hotel to change and go back to Johnny’s Hideaway again.

This time I wore shorter wedge sandals so that I could dance easier and a halter top. This was a very daring move for me since halter tops show all of the shoulders and arms that I usually try to hide. To circumvent the problem of having to wear a bra to hold in the breast forms I previously had cut slits in the lining of the top and was able to insert the forms right into the top itself. I had never really tested it out either.

Almost immediately after entering the bar we met up with 2 beautiful GG’s that said they were in town for a bachelorette party. They were very impressed by us and wound up dancing, taking pictures and hanging out with us all night. The halter top held up well and kept me from getting too hot. We had a larger group of us hanging out this time and it was a blast dancing, taking pictures with each other and with the GG’s as well as being entertained by men at the tables nearby that seemed unsure what to make of our group.

Finally, it was time to leave and I got one of the best compliments I have ever received. The pretty blond waitress who has been working our area grabbed my hand stopping me and said, “I just had to tell you. At first I was wondering who this girl was since I hadn’t seen you here before. Then I realized you were part of that group at the table. You look fantastic!” I thanked her effusively and left with a huge smile on my face.