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Back at the hotel, Kimberly, my roommate, had arrived and was getting dressed. It was kind of cool to see her in guy-mode for the first time.  I changed into a blue, lace dress with long sleeves and a pair of nude hose and nude platform 6" pumps.We went back to the lobby and hung out a little more. I was pretty tired from traveling all night but Kimberly was just getting started so we decided to join a few others and go out to a fun club called Johnny's Hideaway. Knowing we would be doing some dancing I wisely changed out my heels for low-heeled boots.  

Almost as soon as we entered the club Kimberly was hit on by a guy.  He was somewhat tipsy already and kind of pushy. She brushed him off and he asked me to dance as well. I did the same but he continued to pursue Kimberly all night. I'm sure that was a boost to her ego but he was kind of annoying. At one point he grabbed my hand to lead me to the dance floor but I gave him a dirty look and he backed off. I do count that as a first, though, getting asked to dance. I know that it is a compliment.

About 3am, after a lot of good music, fun dancing and great company we finally decided to call it a night.

Soon my room was ready. I dressed in capri jeans, a purple long sleeve top, and turquiose 3/4 sleeve top, settled into my room, then went back up to the lobby and met more girls as they arrived and gathered in the bar. Jamie and I decided to go and get our nails done so we found a nail salon nearby and went in. I had never done that before and didn't know what to ask for so I let Jamie lead. When  she said she wanted a manicure I said I wanted the same. It seems silly but I didnt know if getting nails painted was something different than getting a manicure.

There were 2 women there getting their nails done at the time so we picked out our colors while waiting for them to finish. No one seemed to mind us being there and we were treated very well. I was very impressed with how nice my nails turned out and how feminine my hands looked after the lotion and massage as well as the perfect shaping and painting. 

We went straight there to meet a group at a restaurant. The group was mostly made up of CD's but Sherry had brought her girlfriend Kelly, a GG, who was a delight and was very interested in interacting with all of us "girls". 


Atlanta 2015  (day 1)

Back in January I made plans to attend a gathering that was going to be in Atlanta despite Southern Comfort's decision to move to Florida. In anticipation I allowed my fingernails to grow longer than I ever have before and packed well ahead of time. I packed my carry-on bag with essentials in case I got the chance and nerve to "fly pretty".

I had to work until 9pm and then caught a red-eye flight at midnight. My carry-on bag filled with femm clothes, breast forms and all passed security without a hitch and I still had barely enough time to transform before my flight but decided that wouldnt be a good idea since I was hoping to sleep as much as possible on the plane...and doing that in a wig etc would not be easy.

Once in Atlanta, I took the tram to the hotel but my room would not be ready for another hour so I waited in the lobby. Soon a friend, Colleen entered and I waved to her but, not recognizing me, she gave me a polite wave and headed to the bar. I decided to have a little fun and approached her in the bar and made a little small talk. Right away she knew I must be someone she knows as a girl and she tried to figure me out before I revealed I was Heidi Phox. Not long after that Christy Garcia came in but she recognized me.