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Anxious for SCC

Well, I registered for my first Southern Comfort Convention last week. The convention is in September in Atlanta. I’ve thought about going for quite a while so that I could meet a lot of the gurls I’ve known only online. I’ve never really come close to deciding to go because I could never justify the time and expense involved. This time I’ve been able to squirrel enough money away over the past year that I can go without it affecting the family budget. The dates of the convention are convenient for me this year as well.

I’m pretty excited. I’ve made my hotel reservations and have been checking flight fares daily. I’ve even already made a packing list. I’ve also pestered others about what to expect, how to get from the airport to the hotel, etc. (sorry, ladies).

I’m excited to get to spend 5 days as Heidi. It will be my longest time yet. In 2011 I spent 1.5 days in Vegas enfemm. Last year I spent 2.5 days, again in Vegas and this year it will be from Tuesday evening through late Saturday night/early Sunday morning…so 4.5 days, really.

I know it will be fun but I’m a little worried about spending that long as Heidi. I’d like to totally BE Heidi in looks, mannerisms and voice. I think I can look OK but I’ve never shaved that close that often before. Constantly trying to walk and act feminine can be very tiring. But my biggest difficulty will be trying to talk with a female voice. I know it’s not necessary, and most CD’s don’t even bother because it’s so difficult but I want to make the best impression I can. I’ve looked up tips online and been practicing on the way to and from work but I don’t think I’m making much progress. I have some perennial sinus problems that are a significant hindrance as well.

My wife is supportive of me going. I checked with her just before paying the registration fee. She looked at me like I was being ridiculous, that as far as she was concerned it was a done deal already. She’d rather I spend time doing Heidi things on the far side of the country than in our hometown. She even suggested that next year maybe she’d come to Vegas with me for Diva Las Vegas. We’ll see how she feels next year but that is very encouraging. Over the past couple of years she’s gotten to know some of the issues and challenges that other couples we are aquainted with have had to endure, and having a husband that likes to play dress-up seems trivial in comparison.