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The Issue of "Admirers"

I thought it might be appropriate to address the topic of “admirers”. The majority of people I hear from are other CD’s. Additionally, I do hear from a smattering of GG’s. I also accept that men sometimes contact me.

The vast majority of all emailers are respectful. Most just wish to congratulate me on a job well done. Occasionally, one will ask me if I want to meet or date. Usually I assume that he is not serious and is just paying me a compliment or has not spent much time reading my stuff or he would know that I don’t do that kind of thing. Either way, I just take it as a compliment and move on.

I rarely get vulgar remarks. Those get deleted and the sender blocked.
(And I almost never get disapproving mail although that has happened a few times as well.)

I originally started posting photos as a way to get feedback from others about how well I can pull off a look. Also as kind of virtual way of getting out of the closet and meeting other like-minded people. And this is still true today. Even the sexy photos are intended to portray an image of femininity that I find appealing; and also to try to display my art of female impersonation.

My wife has said the attention of male admirers is the thing that bothers her the most. It creeps her out that men are looking at her husband in a lustful way. Personally, only the crude comments bother me but I’ve found that they are easy enough to ignore and by not responding and encouraging them then it stays on a manageable scale.

It really doesn’t bother me that men find my images attractive. I try to present an image of femininity that I find appealing and it stands to reason that other men would find those images appealing as well. I will look at women that I think are attractive and try to figure out what elements of their appearance I find appealing. Then I try to determine if it is something that I could integrate into my look. Luckily, my wife as figured this out and doesn’t get upset when I “seem” to be checking out a pretty woman.

I believe the crossdresser and the admirer are both similarly intrigued by the contradictory ability of a regular male to successfully present an image of femininity. To me, Heidi is basically a fictional, fantasy character and as long as people view it as such then all is good.

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